Tennis Surfacing

TVS Sports Surfaces is a leading supplier of Tennis specific sports flooring systems. Our systems are developed to meet the highest sporting requirements, whether that be indoor or outdoor, in all possible climates.

We can supply materials to suit any specific requirements you may have, with a wide variety of finishes and play characteristics you can be assured that we have a system for you.

With ITF pace ratings ranging from 1-4, customizable elastic shock absorbing qualities, and a wide variety of colours, please contact our sales department to start creating your perfect custom tennis facility.

TVS Non-Porous Acrylic Surfaces

TVS offer a superior seamless sports flooring for outdoor and indoor tennis applications, TVS court systems are specifically designed so that they can be tuned to your individual pace requirements.

TVS offers products recognised by the ITF since 2013.

The Benefits of this system:


  • Wide range of standard colours and custom colours available on request
  • Long lasting resilient cushioning elastic layers
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • ITF pace ratings of 2 (medium slow) 3 (medium) and 4 (medium fast) available

TVS Indoor Polyurethane Surfaces

TVS offers PU sports flooring for indoor tennis and multi sports facilities. The high grip resistance and excellent bounce characteristics make this a great choice for indoor facilities.

As well as its sporting characteristics, the highly durable and elastic flooring is an excellent solution for non sporting events such as exhibitions, exams and seminars.

This makes our PU system a true multi-use flooring option.


  • Seamless sports flooring
  • Maximum slip resistance
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Easy daily, periodic and long term maintenance
  • Easily resurfaced
  • Optimal ball bounce
  • EN14904 compliant
  • Wide range of standard colours available and non standard colours available on request

TVS EPDM Rubber Flooring

TVS Uni-Versa is a high performing versatile sports system for use in any location. Weather and temperature resistant the system can be used in all climates from very high or humid environments through to sub freezing or dry conditions.

The system offers exceptional grip resistance as well as a cushioned shock absorbing feel underfoot. Making this a fantastic option for multi sports and tennis specific areas.

The very high ball rebound and grip rating make this a very comfortable tennis court finish with great performance.


  • Comfortable sports finish
  • Easy to install, no machinery required
  • Low maintenance
  • Wide standard colour range
  • Prefabricated system
  • Maximum protection and safety considerations
  • ITF indicative pace rating of 1 (slow)
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+44 (0) 1706 260 220