Artificial Turf Infills

TVS offers the very best artificial turf infills granulate materials, specifically manufactured for the 3G turf. An infilled turf system relies heavily on the quality of infill materials to ensure long-lasting consistent performance.

The artificial turf infills provide the support required by the pile, as well as being a key component in the safety and performance characteristics of the pitch.

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Granulated Cork

Granulated cork is a 100% natural, renewable and recyclable component, with similar elastic properties to rubber. A very low density solution, starting from ¼ the density of granulated rubber the weight of materials is a fraction of the SBR required.

It is a fantastic infill solution for all weathers, cork infill heats up as much as 30% less than a pitch with a rubber infill. Cork infill is odourless, is burn inhibiting and it also doesn’t release any toxic substance when burnt.

The maintenance of a cork infill is quite similar to the maintenance of a classic SBR infilled pitch.


  • 100% natural and renewable – made from the bark of the cork oak tree, which regenerates over the course of about 9 years, cork is a truly renewable solution to artificial turf infills.
  • Very low density – much lighter than its rubber competitors, cork infill requires much fewer kilos per metre squared to meet the same performance standards.
  • Decay resistant – due to the suberin content of the cork, the material is highly resistant to moisture and the subsequent oxidisation and decay.
  • High elasticity and compression resistance – cork is made of millions of airtight cells, amongs them is a gaseous mixture which allows it to be compressed to half its thickness without losing any flexibility, and to be decompressed to return to its original shape.


It is important to consider the health of both players and the environment when deciding on a rubber source for sports flooring. Cheaper sourced rubber is usually made from recycled rubber from vehicle parts.

These methods can contain various unwanted chemicals and the inferior rubber can cause contamination in the run-off water, leaching into the local eco-system. TVS only stock and sell rubber infill made from virgin materials using state of the art manufacturing to ensure that any environmental or player health concerns are minimised.


  • Virgin material – ensures no unwanted or unforeseen chemical contamination of the infill in manufacture
  • UV Stable – reduces the deteriorating effect of sunlight on the rubber
  • High polymer content – ensures proper elasticity and shock absorption
  • Fire resistant – Our EPDM infill carries a Cfl – s1 fire classification
  • Odourless – manufacture using virgin materials ensures no unwanted odours emanating from the rubber granules.


TPE-V is a thermoplastic polymer combining the elasticity of rubber with the durability of plastics.The naturally lower density of the plastic elements also drastically reduce the overall bulk density of the material. Meaning that you need fewer kilos per square metre.

Due to the use of plastics in its manufacture, TPE-V is fully 100% recyclable. This, coupled with the fact that the production process for TPE-V is also much more energy efficient than that of vulcanised rubber production, means this whole process makes TPE-V one of the most environmentally friendly rubber infill products available.


  • 100% recyclable - using thermoplastic rubber means the whole system can be reused in a variety of other rubber or surface solutions
  • Odourless - easy to install, no machinery required
  • UV stable - low maintenance
  • Low bulk density - wide standard colour range
  • FIFA approved - prefabricated system
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