15th November 2018
Sports Hall Surface

Sports Hall Surfaces – Bryanston

Bryanston, Second Sports Hall – Due to the success of the installations completed in 2017, the prestigious Bryanston school in Dorset, contracted TVS to continue its work and complete the rest of the sports facilities at their newly built sports centre. This summer we have installed a new studio space, free weights […]
12th March 2018
Office Athletic Track

Case Study – Ladbrokes Office Athletics Track

Client: Here East Press Centre, Queen Elizabeth Park Project Objective TVS was tasked with creating a functional, custom-shaped athletics track running through a busy 2nd floor office in the heart of the Olympic Park. The track, measuring over 200m in length, not only had to have the aesthetics and performance of an […]
12th March 2018
Office Athletic Track

Case Study Indoor IAAF Athletics Track System

Indoor IAAF Athletics Track System Client: Bryanston School, Dorset TVS was challenged with the task of providing a 40m, 3-lane indoor sprint track at the new sports and fitness facilities at Bryanston School. After thorough consultation with the client it was decided that a highly spike resistant polymeric system would be the […]
20th November 2017

Case Study Bryanston School

Background: The independent Bryanston School, in Dorset, UK has a proud tradition in sport. It counts as alumni, a number of top athletes – including a number of professional rugby players, cricketers and even a double-Olympic champion, German eventer Heinrich Romeike. As part of the school’s efforts to train the next generation […]
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