Outdoor Basketball Flooring

If you ask basketballers what they like to play on outdoors, they’ll probably say asphalt or concrete because these are the most common surfaces in urban settings. However, they are not the only surfaces available. Outdoor basketball courts designed for practice and professional use are normally made from asphalt tarmacadam or polymeric rubber crumb. Asphalt tarmacadam is harder while polymeric rubber has better performance but is more expensive.

Which is the best outdoor basketball surface for you? That depends on your budget and who will be playing on the surface. More info here.

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Indoor Basketball Flooring

Indoor basketball surfaces range from synthetic materials like PU (polyurethane) to natural materials like hardwood. In gymnasiums and sports centres where basketball is only one sport played on a surface, hardwood is still the preferred choice. However, PU (polyurethane) has become a cheaper alternative. PU feels similar to hardwood in play. The only downside to PU is it isn’t rated as a pro surface and it doesn’t look as good as timber.

If money is no object and you want the purest basketball experience, a Robbins timber floor is what you want. More abour Robbins Basketball Floors below on this page.

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Why Choose TVS?

We have extensive basketball court experience having worked on hundreds of indoor and outdoor basketball projects. Our customers include amateur and professional teams, gyms, sports centres, community centres, schools and colleges.

We can design a basketball court to suit your budget and sporting requirements. Whether you want a professional playing surface or basketball flooring that can also be used for other sports like indoor hockey this is no problem for us.

In addition to timber hardwood flooring for professional basketball use, we also supply polyurethane basketball floors. These can be used for indoor tennis and other court games. If you are building an outdoor court, we recommend porous acrylic or asphalt. Both surfaces have their pros and cons. We tend to mostly recommend acrylic.

We provide a complete basketball flooring solution including design, supply, installation and recycling. You will only need one contractor for your project. You can also expect the very best customer service. Advice is free and we provide aftercare for the lifetime of your floor, so if you have any issues, we will look after you.

What is The Best Basketball Flooring?

The best basketball flooring for indoor courts is timber (hardwood or engineered wood). This is the traditional material favoured by professionals and the NBA. An alternative to timber for indoor courts is polyurethane. This is a good option when your space will be used for other sports and non-sport events.

Outdoors, we recommend porous acrylic. Porous acrylic is the same material used in tennis courts. It offers excellent performance for basketball.

If you don’t want acrylic, asphalt is another option. Asphalt is the least forgiving basketball surface, but it provides excellent wear and bounce. Most of the outdoor basketball courts in urban environments have an asphalt floor. Whichever floor you choose, it’s important to prioritise player safety. The floor needs to provide adequate grip.

If your indoor basketball court is in an enclosed space, you should also install wall crash pads to protect players. We can recommend the right basketball floor for your budget and use case. Get in touch for free advice and a chat about your project today.

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The first facility in the UK to install a Robbins MVP flooring

Kent is the first UK university to have a sustainably sourced Robbins solid maple wood floor installed by its UK-based partner TVS Sports Surfaces.

Robbins, which was founded in 1894, is a preferred supplier of competition and training surfaces to 80% of teams in the billion-dollar NBA. Of the last 27 NBA Championships, 22 were won by teams who play or train on the company’s courts.

The TVS/Robbins partnership was chosen after an exhaustive evaluation by the University of Kent, with quality and longevity being major factors in the final
decision along with the need to meet stringent international and UK sports standards.

The substructure work was undertaken within a week and the new flooring, using maple from both the USA and from Canada, was completed by TVS Sports Surfaces on schedule.


Robbins Sports Timber Flooring

Leading sports flooring specialist TVS Group has been appointed sole UK partner by America’s Robbins Sports Surfaces. Over a period of more than 100 years, they have built a reputation as the best brand in the world for pro basketball timber sports flooring.

They design and manufacture a wide range of basketball flooring, including MVP, Continuous Strip® XL, XLplus, Zero-G Shock Pad, Sportwood® and Pulastic®. These basketball floors are suited to different types of practice, age groups and sport levels.

Founded in 1894, Robbins is best known for its work with America’s multi-billion-dollar basketball league, the NBA. They also supply NBA G leagues and are also used internationally in domestic basketball leagues. Not only do they design professional basketball surfaces, but they also design training surfaces and high-impact surfaces.

The family-owned firm is a preferred supplier to 15 of the NBA’s Arenas and 22 of its training and practice facilities. Of the last 27 NBA Championships contested, 22 were won by teams who play and train on Robbins floors. They include the legendary LA Lakers, sixteen-time winners of the NBA Championship.

If you want basketball courts that can also be used for indoor netball and other court games, Robbins makes floors that absorb different levels of vibration. This ensures that all types of sport can be accommodated when basketball isn’t being played.

If you are interested in Robbins timber flooring for your basketball courts, we can provide a quote after taking measurements. Just get in touch.

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Robbins Floors dedication to R&D shows as their floors being safer, better performing and have resulted in proven winners.

The systems are shown to pass all performance standards worldwide. With the Anchored resilient systems even complying with the stringent MFMA’s PUR certification.

Robbins is one of only a few MFMA-approved, FSC-certified, Rainforest Alliance-certified manufacturers of solid maple floors in America, guaranteeing peace of mind when buying one of our floors.

The solid maple floors are also one of the best long term investments in sporting performance; due to their construction and very nature, a Robbins floor should last for over 40 years with correct maintenance.

TVS can offer solutions at every level: from the elite and professional requirements of stadiums and arenas, through recreational and training facilities for all ages and budgets, to the small assembly or multi-purpose community hall.

TVS has designed and installed dozens of basketball floors over the past decade. We can use hardwood or engineered timber for indoor courts to suit your budget. The most popular outdoor playing surfaces are acrylic and asphalt.

basketball flooring
basketball flooring
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Engineered Timber Basketball Flooring

If you want a cost-effective basketball surface you really can’t go wrong with engineered timber. The engineered timber we supply is purpose-built for sports including basketball and can be installed on most sprung and solid subfloors.

Engineered timber basketball flooring has several advantages over hardwood, namely that it is more readily available and around 50% cheaper overall. Most people also can’t tell the difference between hardwood and engineered timber. This is because the top layer is made from solid hardwood, so it feels and looks like solid wood.

Engineered timber is the most popular choice for basketball courts that also serve as gymnasiums, school halls and host other indoor sports. Engineered flooring is relatively easy to install so long as the subfloor is designed for the intended use case.

We can design, supply and install an engineered basketball floor that meets your budgetary and style requirements. These floors last at least 20 years and require little maintenance other than buffing and cleaning as with any timber floor.

More sports institutions and schools are choosing engineered timber for basketball because it’s affordable and looks fantastic. Get in touch for free advice and a chat about your project today. You can reach is on +44 (0)1706 260 220.

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Different Types of Sports Flooring For Basketball

Indoor basketball is traditionally played on a timber surface, while outdoor basketball is played on asphalt tarmacadam.

Timber is considered the standard for indoor basketball courts, and it is what all semi-pro and professional leagues use. The performance characteristics of timber basketball flooring have increased significantly over the last several decades. The best timber floors now have damping to absorb vibration and reduce the risk of injury to players.

Another option for indoor basketball courts is polyurethane flooring (PU), although this is more of a multi-use surface than a basketball surface.

Outside, asphalt tarmacadam has been used for decades, and little has changed with the technology. It is the same surface as it was in the 90s!

However, a newer outdoor surface is EPDM rubber crumb, also known as polymeric rubber, and this has a few advantages over the tarmac.

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What Kind Of Flooring Is Used For Basketball?

Basketball courts are typically made from hardwood, but there are many other options. If you’re looking for a surface that will last and be easy on your feet, then synthetic materials like PU (polyurethane) or vinyl might be the best option. For those who prefer natural surfaces, wood is a great choice. It’s durable and can withstand heavy use.

The most important thing when choosing a surface is that it must be safe and durable enough to withstand constant use by players.

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What Is The Best Surface For An Outdoor Basketball Court?

You don’t have to settle for an unsafe, hard court. We offer a variety of surfaces including rubberized asphalt and polymeric rubber crumb. These surfaces are softer than concrete or asphalt so they protect your joints from injury while also providing the same grip as other outdoor courts.
If you’re looking for a new surface to play on, we can help! Our team will provide you with quotes based off of what type of flooring would work best in your area.
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Case Studies

TVS Sports Surfaces has a proud history of supplying market leading products and has gained a wealth of experience by supporting projects at University of Kent, Newcastle Academy, Broughton High School, Hilbre High School, Bryanston School and many others.

In addition to some of the UK’S biggest gym brands, we also work with businesses, sports centres and hotels. The service we provide is all-inclusive, with design, installation, recycling and aftercare included.

Polyurethane vs vinyl sports flooring

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