Basketball Floors

Leading sports flooring specialist TVS Group has been appointed sole UK partner by America’s Robbins Sports Surfaces.

Founded in 1894, Robbins is best known for its work with America’s multi-billion-dollar basketball league, the NBA. The family-owned firm is a preferred supplier to 15 of the NBA’s Arenas and 22 of its training and practice facilities.

Of the last 27 NBA Championships contested, 22 were won by teams who play and train on Robbins floors. They include the legendary LA Lakers, sixteen-time winners of the NBA Championship.

Robbins Floors dedication to R&D shows as their floors being safer, better performing and have resulted in proven winners.

The systems are shown to pass all performance standards worldwide. With the Anchored resilient systems even complying with the stringent MFMA’s PUR certification.

All Robbins Floors comply to EN14904.

Area Elastic

A3 A4
Friction 80 - 110 80 - 110
Shock Absorption 40 - 55% 55 - 75%
Vertical Deformation >1.8 <3.5 >2.3 <5.0
Vertical Ball Behaviour >90% >90%

Anchored and Floating Resilient Systems

BIO-Channel Star System

The best-selling sports floor system in America. This system designed by Robbins and available through TVS incorporates design and performance to exceed all performance standards worldwide! This is the preferred system for the majority of NBA training facilities. The floor is fully compliant and certified for FIBA Level 1 competition!

As well as complying to the European standard EN14904 – class A4 area elastic flooring, the system is also MFMA PUR compliant. An exacting standard to ensure customers receive a reliable well performing system which lasts.

Unique features are:

  • Improved shock absorption and ball bounce for better player performance
  • Continuous sub-floor and continuous elastic layer provides vibration dampening and uniformity
  • Anchored sub-floor is perfect for heavy loads and allows lateral movement to reduce stress and maintain structural integrity

Eclipse System

Introducing Eclipse, a competition class system built to withstand the rigors of every day use. Another system which exceeds all worldwide industry standards from the EN14904 Class A4 to the MFMA PUR certification.

Only Robbins could have packed this much R&D and performance into a single system. A FIBA Level 1 competition class floor the system offers fantastic value for all levels of the game, from professional NBA training facilities through to high school level multi-sports play.

Bio-Cushion Classic System

The Sports industries first truly bio-mechanically designed and engineered suspended maple flooring system. The Bio-cushion has become one of the most popular resilient flooring systems available.

Playing characteristics can be tuned to suite the sports, ages and abilities for each individual project to maximise resilience and improve player performance no matter the game.

This system not only performs to the required multi sports standards but can also be tuned to perform for dance, ballet, aerobics and martial arts!

Air Channel Classic System

This fantastic system takes commodity floating sleeper system technology and adds a whole new dimension of resilience and uniformity. This economical system takes enhanced pad components for added value in a basic commodity design. The double profiled cavity backed EPDM bio pads ensure greater durability than traditional SBR pads offering higher performance for a much longer lifespan.

Unique features are:

  • Continuous length XL Solid Maple adds strength to the system providing a floor that can last up to 10 years longer than similar floor builds.
  • High Profile but economical build
  • Custom made EPDM resilient Bio-Pad for shock absorption and vibration control
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