Case Study – Ladbrokes Office Athletics Track

office athletics track

Client: Here East Press Centre, Queen Elizabeth Park

Project Objective

TVS was tasked with creating a functional, custom-shaped athletics track running through a busy 2nd floor office in the heart of the Olympic Park. The track, measuring over 200m in length, not only had to have the aesthetics and performance of an athletics facility, but also had to be resilient enough to deal with the day-to-day wear expected in an office environment.

Our TVS-Sportec Uni-Versa offered an ideal solution. The open granulate nature of the 100% EPDM system allows for high athletic performance and resilience, while the preformed nature of the material made it easy to install in this 2nd floor area. After the installation of the track, all the custom line markings were hand measured, masked and painted to match the very intricate design.

The final effect was striking ̶ a fantastic centre-point for the sporting theme running through the entire design.

TVS Sportec Uni-Versa
TVS 200 – Polyurethane Adhesive
TVS 2 Part Polyurethane Paints

office athletic track