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The Robbins Basketball Floor Installation at University of Glasgow

Basketball flooring by Robbins installed at University of Glasgow

TVS Group were first approached by the University of Glasgow sports department, as their competition sports hall, including their existing sports floor, at the Stevenson Sports Facility, was in dire need of repair. The brief from the university sports department was to turn this into an iconic venue for higher education sporting competition, with a […]

Basketball Flooring Installation At University Of Kent

Kent is the first UK university to have a Robbins solid maple basketball wood floor installed by its UK-based partner TVS Sports Surfaces. The University of Kent can now practice and play on one of the world’s finest basketball courts after learning a lesson from stars of America’s hugely popular NBA. Kent is the first […]

What Kind Of Flooring Is Used For Basketball?

basketball flooring

In theory, basketball can be played on any hard surface. Standard asphalt is the most common outdoor basketball court surface. Indoor surfaces range from synthetic materials like PU (polyurethane) to natural materials like hardwood. In this article, we’ll discuss what kind of flooring is used for basketball. Professional courts The National Basketball Association (NBA) is […]

What Is The Best Surface For An Outdoor Basketball Court?

outdoor basketball court

If you ask basketballers what they like to play on outdoors, they’ll probably say asphalt or concrete because these are the most common surfaces in urban settings. However, they are not the only surfaces available. Outdoor basketball courts designed for practice and professional use are normally made from asphalt tarmacadam or polymeric rubber crumb. Asphalt […]