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How To Choose The Best Football Artificial Grass For Your Facility?

How to choose the best football artificial grass for your facility

Artificial grass is the most popular playing surface for football training grounds because it can be installed indoors and outdoors. These pitches can mimic real grass and they require no effort from a groundskeeper to maintain. Choosing the best football artificial grass for your facility comes down to budget and whether you are an amateur […]

What Are Artificial Football Fields?

artificial football fields

Artificial football fields are composed of 90 to 95% natural turf and 10 to 5% synthetic fibres. The synthetic fibres can be either distributed evenly across the field or strategically placed in areas of high wear like the 6 yard box. Although artificial football fields reduce pitch wear and extend the life of the field, […]

What Is The Best Type Of Football Flooring?

football flooring

Footballers like to play on artificial playing surfaces that mimic the performance and playability of grass. Artificial grass has been popular for over a decade, but only recently has it advanced to a stage where it’s nice to play on. Five-a-side is a little bit different because it takes place mostly indoors. In this particular […]