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In the UK, hockey is played almost entirely on artificial systems. The sport’s control over the required surface characteristics of the artificial turf, ensures a high level of all-year-round performance. The specific requirements differ to other sports as the focus is on speed, straightness and level of the ball roll. TVS Team Soft is a carefully engineered shock pad system, specifically designed to enhance the hockey performance of the artificial turf system it is paired with.

If your old hockey pitch has seen better days you should consider replacing it and you should definitely replace it if it has become frayed. Synthetic hockey surfacing lasts around 15 years depending on the intensity of the play.

The advancements made in fibre technology every 15 years are significant. A hockey pitch built 15 years ago will be nowhere near as good as the newest systems. This gives you a good opportunity to not only replace your pitch but also upgrade it.

What Hockey Flooring Is Best?

What hockey flooring is best?

Whether we’re talking about field hockey or ice hockey there’s always more than one surface available. That may come as a surprise for ice hockey, but you can get synthetic ice hockey tiles that are very similar to play on. In this article, we’ll discuss the different types of hockey flooring available to help you […]