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Soundproofing a Sports Hall

sports hall flooring st francis school case study

Soundproofing a sports hall requires cancelling out reverberation so that sounds cannot bounce around. The most efficient way to achieve this is installing acoustic panels to the walls. High ceilings may also need acoustic banners. The oldest trick in the book is hanging heavy curtains on parallel walls and windows. These absorb sounds but they […]

The Different Types Of Indoor Sports Hall Flooring

indoor sports hall flooring

Solutions For School Sports Hall Flooring School sports hall floors have more than basketball and indoor hockey to contend with – they also need to withstand dragged chairs, tables and benches. Any ordinary floor would be ripped to shreds, but not sports hall floors. The reason is simple – durability. Sports hall floors are made […]

What School Sports Flooring Do I Need?

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Schools often approach us not knowing what type of school sports flooring they need. Our answer is always the same — it depends on what sports will be played. The use case always determines the best sports surface for schools. Here are some school sports hall flooring recommendations based on potential use cases: Sports halls […]

What Is The Safest Type Of School Gym Flooring?

sports hall flooring st francis school case study

When it comes to school gym flooring, there are several criteria that need to be met to ensure safety and performance. These include: Slip resistance Hygiene (how easy it is to clean) Subfloor protection Performance (shock absorption) Your school gym has to provide a safe environment for students to workout in. The most important element […]

Sports Flooring For Schools

Sports Flooring For Schools

For schools, we normally recommend a polyurethane or vinyl floor because these floors are cost-effective and low maintenance. The two most important considerations with sports flooring for schools are safety and functionality. The floor has to be non-slip and forgiving, while also providing a sound surface for a wide range of different sports. Vinyl floors […]