TVS Team Cup and Team Arena are high performing, easy to install shock pad systems specifically engineered for the highest level of elite sport.

Team Cup – our specially developed outdoor surfacing solution, is an environmentally friendly, customisable product created from recycled tyres which has fantastic performance and weather-resistant characteristics. Preformed in rolls, it is loose laid under artificial turf systems so that when needed the turf layer can be exchanged and recycled without any problems. Roll dimensions can be tailored to individual pitch requirements to ensure ease of installation, and Team Cup is available in various depths between 8 and 20mm to ensure your 3G system’s specific needs are catered for.

Team Arena – A high performing shock pad for the very high wear areas in indoor football facilities. Apart from outstanding impact absorption and ball rebound properties, the fine granule structure of the SPORTEC® team arena offers great walking comfort and a play experience that is similar to that of real turf.

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  • Applicability: Designed to perform with most major manufactured artificial turf systems allowing for peak performance and compliance with FA requirements
  • Ball Rebound: Cushions the impact of the football allowing for a natural simulation of ball bounce in optimum settings
  • High Shock Absorption: Protecting players through both routine player surface interaction and falls onto the surface
  • Ease of Installation: Preformed uniform roll system can be tailored to your installation requirements and installed onto a variety of sub-base compositions, with minimal effort. Inherently weighted to allow much greater stability prior to grass installation
  • Conformity: Conformity to sport specific shock pad performance requirements – as per FA specifications
  • High Permeability: True all weather play, quickly wicking the water away from the playing surface allowing for play in all weather conditions