TVS Sports Surfaces specialises in multi-use games area surfacing (MUGA Surfacing) and play areas including those specifically designed for multi sports. Sportec Uni Versa system is a high performing high grip rated system designed for multiple sporting uses such as netball, basketball, tennis and hockey.

You have complete flexibility to customise the specific sports markings, the surface colour and any additional games and play areas attached to the sports areas.

As the system is manufactured and preformed to order, we can create unique play designs specific to your designated areas.The system is completely customisable to your chosen sporting activities and we can include shock absorbing layers to create unique sporting or safety characteristics.

If safety is the primary concern, we can use our Euroflex playground surfacing products to create sporting or play areas to fit any requirements.

The benefits of a MUGA include:

  1. Versatility: MUGAs are designed to accommodate multiple sports and activities such as soccer, basketball, tennis, and more. This versatility allows people of all ages and skill levels to participate in different sports and recreational activities.

  2. Space Efficiency: MUGAs maximize the use of space, making them ideal for urban areas with limited space. They can replace the need for multiple single-purpose courts or fields, saving land and resources.

  3. Inclusivity: MUGAs can be designed to meet the needs of different user groups, including children, adults, and people with disabilities. This inclusivity promotes community engagement and physical activity for all.

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surfacing for multi use games area
surfacing for multi use games area
multi use games area surfaces
multi use games area surfaces


  • High ball rebound: The surface is adaptable for a variety of ball sports like basketball or netball
  • Shock absorption: To protect the musculoskeletal system and the joints of players of all ages
  • Grip resistance: Ensuring consistent player surface interaction in all weather conditions


  • Modular system: Can be made to measure and delivered direct to site ready to lay
  • Flexibility: Available in both a single layer or sandwich system
  • Easy Installation: No heavy plant or mixing machinery required to install the system

What Is MUGA Flooring?

MUGA stands for Multi-Use Games Area. MUGA flooring is sports flooring designed to accommodate a wide range of sports, including ground hockey, football, netball, basketball and tennis on a single surface with no modification.

MUGA flooring can be specified indoors and outdoors. The only difference between the systems is their permeability. Outdoor MUGA flooring is more permeable so that water can drain away to prevent pooling in wet weather.

MUGA flooring is incredibly versatile and has an impact-absorbing surface. Even hard surfaces like acrylic can be modified with elastic layers. If you have specific performance requirements, you may be better off with a specialised surface. Otherwise, MUGA flooring is a good option if you want to accommodate several sports.

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What Is MUGA Flooring Made From?

MUGA flooring does not describe any single material but a range of materials that are specified to accommodate different groups of sports.

MUGA flooring can be made from anything so long as the material accommodates multiple sports. Common materials include synthetic rubber, polyurethane, acrylic, vinyl, polymeric rubber, tarmacadam and artificial grass.

The most common MUGA surfaces we supply are polyurethane, synthetic rubber (EPDM rubber crumb), artificial grass and acrylic. These surfaces accommodate different sports. Vinyl is popular for indoor sports because it has adjustable area elastic and combined elastic properties, so we can adjust how your flooring feels to use.

Polyurethane vs vinyl sports flooring

Specifying The Perfect MUGA Flooring

When we specify MUGA flooring for our customers, our first questions are what kinds of sport will be played? And at what level?

There are different specifications for MUGA flooring. MUGA Type 3 and 4 specifications are made from polymeric rubber. Macadam surfaces have Type 1 and Type 2 specifications. We can provide personalised advice about these.

MUGA flooring should be specified to accommodate the widest range of sports possible to increase its usefulness. For example, artificial grass can accommodate football and ground hockey and polymeric rubber can accommodate basketball and tennis.

With MUGA flooring, it is possible to create sports surfaces that accommodate a wide variety of sports, but it’s also important to recognise the limitations of any single material, and to consider multiple surfaces if you can accommodate them.

To find out more about MUGA flooring and Multi-Use Games Area surfaces, feel free to reach out to us for a chat. We’re here to help.

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More About MUGA Flooring

MUGA flooring is the perfect surface for any sports court. It’s designed to be durable and elastic, so it can withstand all sorts of high-impact activities without cracking or breaking. Plus, it looks great with its seamless design that doesn’t need to be covered up by mats or other materials.

You won’t find another surface like this on the market today. It’s not just an amazing product but also an incredible experience you can have

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surfacing for multi use games area

Case Studies

TVS Sports Surfaces has a proud history of supplying market leading products and has gained a wealth of experience by supporting projects at University of Kent, Newcastle Academy, Broughton High School, Hilbre High School, Bryanston School and many others.

In addition to some of the UK’S biggest gym brands, we also work with businesses, sports centres and hotels. The service we provide is all-inclusive, with design, installation, recycling and aftercare included.

Polyurethane vs vinyl sports flooring

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