Soundproofing a Sports Hall

sports hall flooring st francis school case study

Soundproofing a sports hall requires cancelling out reverberation so that sounds cannot bounce around. The most efficient way to achieve this is installing acoustic panels to the walls. High ceilings may also need acoustic banners. The oldest trick in the book is hanging heavy curtains on parallel walls and windows. These absorb sounds but they […]

What Is Engineered Sports Timber Flooring?

engineered sports timber flooring

Engineered sports timber flooring is manufactured using several sheets of wood that are pressed together and bonded under pressure. The layers are as follows: Top layer – this is made from real hardwood. It can be finished with stains and lacquers to mimic different wood breeds Central core – this is made from softwood or […]

How To Choose Timber Sports Flooring

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A good timber sports floor will last 30 years or more. The only maintenance needed is mopping to clean it and buffing to remove shoe marks. After 10 or so years, the lacquer may wear off in high-traffic places, but this is easy to replace. These characteristics make timbers sports flooring a great choice for […]

What Kind Of Flooring Is Used For Basketball?

basketball flooring

In theory, basketball can be played on any hard surface. Standard asphalt is the most common outdoor basketball court surface. Indoor surfaces range from synthetic materials like PU (polyurethane) to natural materials like hardwood. In this article, we’ll discuss what kind of flooring is used for basketball. Professional courts The National Basketball Association (NBA) is […]

What Are The Main Types Of Gym Flooring?

What are the main types of gym flooring?

Gym flooring has to protect the subfloor and users from damage. Dropped weights, plates and functional fitness activities are hard going on floors. Incorrect flooring will increase the risk of injury and need to be replaced much sooner. There are three main types of gym flooring: Vinyl Vinyl is a hard surface used in treadmill […]

What Hockey Flooring Is Best?

What hockey flooring is best?

Whether we’re talking about field hockey or ice hockey there’s always more than one surface available. That may come as a surprise for ice hockey, but you can get synthetic ice hockey tiles that are very similar to play on. In this article, we’ll discuss the different types of hockey flooring available to help you […]

How To Choose The Best Football Artificial Grass For Your Facility?

How to choose the best football artificial grass for your facility

Artificial grass is the most popular playing surface for football training grounds because it can be installed indoors and outdoors. These pitches can mimic real grass and they require no effort from a groundskeeper to maintain. Choosing the best football artificial grass for your facility comes down to budget and whether you are an amateur […]

What Surface Is Available for Sports Pitches?

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Sports pitches are typically multi-use surfaces with football, hockey, rugby, American football and basketball played on them. However, the performance of a sports pitch depends on the sport it is used for and this is determined by the pile height of the artificial grass. Longer artificial grass is better for football, but shorter grass is […]