How To Choose a Tennis Court Surface?

tennis court surface

Professional tennis is played on grass, clay or a hard court. At the US Open, the game is played on hard court. At Wimbledon, the game is played on grass, and at the French Open, the game is played on clay. These surfaces offer different playing characteristics and players tend to dominate one surface or […]

What Is The Best Surface For An Outdoor Basketball Court?

outdoor basketball court

If you ask basketballers what they like to play on outdoors, they’ll probably say asphalt or concrete because these are the most common surfaces in urban settings. However, they are not the only surfaces available. Outdoor basketball courts designed for practice and professional use are normally made from asphalt tarmacadam or polymeric rubber crumb. Asphalt […]

The Different Types Of Indoor Sports Hall Flooring

indoor sports hall flooring

Solutions For School Sports Hall Flooring School sports hall floors have more than basketball and indoor hockey to contend with – they also need to withstand dragged chairs, tables and benches. Any ordinary floor would be ripped to shreds, but not sports hall floors. The reason is simple – durability. Sports hall floors are made […]

What School Sports Flooring Do I Need?

school sports flooring

Schools often approach us not knowing what type of school sports flooring they need. Our answer is always the same — it depends on what sports will be played. The use case always determines the best sports surface for schools. Here are some school sports hall flooring recommendations based on potential use cases: Sports halls […]

Meet our Project Director – Christopher Taylor

Chris Taylor

This is the third instalment of our meet the team series. We’ve so far talked to our two co-founders, MD Paul Lafone and Technical Director Patrick Dent about how TVS came about and why they wanted to set it up in the first place. Next up is Christopher Taylor, TVS Group’s Project Director, who is going to tell us a little bit about […]

How To Choose The Right Sports Flooring Contractors?

playground flooring

A Google search for sports flooring contractors returns about 19,000,000 results. This reveals an industry packed with players. How do you choose between them? That’s what we will discuss in this article to help you on your journey. Here are 6 things to look for in a sports flooring contractor: Case studies Sports flooring contractors […]

How Is Sports Flooring Installation Carried Out?

vinyl sports flooring

Sports floors come in all shapes and sizes, but sports flooring installation is a structured process. Here’s how the process works: Removal Of Old Floor The old floor is removed if applicable. This could be an old hardwood floor, carpet, vinyl or tile. It depends on the previous use case. It may even be an […]

What Is The Safest Type Of School Gym Flooring?

sports hall flooring st francis school case study

When it comes to school gym flooring, there are several criteria that need to be met to ensure safety and performance. These include: Slip resistance Hygiene (how easy it is to clean) Subfloor protection Performance (shock absorption) Your school gym has to provide a safe environment for students to workout in. The most important element […]

What Is MUGA Flooring?

surfacing for multi use games area

MUGA is an acronym for “Multi-Use Games Area”. ‘MUGA flooring’ is a surface that’s suitable for all-purpose sports, from tennis to hockey. The specification for such a surface calls for mixed elasticity. Mixed elasticity is a performance term that describes a floor with point elasticity (where a system deforms in a small area, such as […]