What is Sports Hall Flooring Made Of?

What is Sports Hall Flooring Made of

The traditional surface for sports hall flooring is solid timber (usually Maple) with several coats of clear lacquer. This was probably the floor your childhood school sports hall had, and many sports halls today still make use of it. In recent years, a new contender has surfaced in the form of polyurethane. Polyurethane offers outstanding […]

What Are The Different Types of Sports Flooring?

What Are The Different Types of Sports Flooring

Because there are so many different types of sports flooring available, school sports halls, colleges, universities and leisure centres can get a surface for any use case. There really is no limitation for what can be achieved. There are special surfaces for sports like football and hockey, and general surfaces for indoor courts, halls and […]

Sports Hall Flooring – Polyurethane or Timber?

Sports Hall Flooring - Polyurethane or Timber

A sports hall surface should last for 30 years or more with very little maintenance. The key to achieving this long lifespan is picking a surface that matches the intended use, and timber and polyurethane are both great options for a multi-use surface. Which is best is largely a matter of taste, although with polyurethane […]

How to Choose The Best Indoor Sports Flooring

How to Choose The Best Indoor Sports Flooring

Indoor sports flooring should offer two main things: performance and durability. This is because the safety aspect of a floor is solved by how the surface performs, and the value for money aspect is solved by how long it lasts. In schools and sports centres, safety and longevity are especially important factors. The bottom line […]

Case Study St Francis Xavier School

sports hall flooring st francis school case study

Sports Hall Refurbishment Client: St Francis Xavier School, Richmond Project Objective The sports hall floor at St Francis Xavier School in Richmond had seen better days and looked in need of replacement after years of intensive use. The sports hall also suffered from severe acoustic issues.   As specialists in all aspects of sports flooring […]

Case Study Newcastle Academy

sports hall flooring newcastle academy

TVS PU-Sport Newcastle Academy, part of The United Endeavour Trust Scope Of Work After more than a dozen years of intensive use, the flooring of Newcastle Academy’s sports hall was showing its age. TVS addressed areas of localised damage and sanded the floor to create better layer-bonding – all in preparation for a rapid flooring […]

Case Study Broughton High School

case study broughton high school sports hall flooring

Project Information: After a decade of use and issues relating to its original construction, the hardwood floor in Broughton High School’s sports hall in Lancashire was failing to deliver the level of performance expected. After being invited to investigate, specialists TVS Group discovered that the floor’s elastic support system was not capable of meeting EN […]