What Is The Best Type Of Football Flooring?

football flooring

Footballers like to play on artificial playing surfaces that mimic the performance and playability of grass. Artificial grass has been popular for over a decade, but only recently has it advanced to a stage where it’s nice to play on. Five-a-side is a little bit different because it takes place mostly indoors. In this particular […]

Three Reasons To Choose Vinyl Sports Flooring

vinyl sports flooring

Depending on who you ask, the best kind of sports flooring is vinyl, polyurethane or hardwood. The truth is there’s a place for all three surfaces. However, perhaps the most versatile of them all is vinyl sports flooring because it offers a variety of desirable features. Here are 3 reasons to choose vinyl sports flooring […]

The Different Types Of Tennis Flooring

different types of tennis flooring

You are probably familiar with the professional playing surfaces in tennis: grass, clay, and hardcourt. The most interesting playing surface from our perspective as a sports surfacing specialist is the hardcourt. Of the four Grand Slam tournaments, the Australian and US Open are played on hardcourt. Roger Federer leads in hardcourt Grand Slam titles, winning […]

Polyurethane Versus Vinyl Sports Flooring

Polyurethane vs vinyl sports flooring

Polyurethane (PU) and vinyl (PVC) floors are extremely popular in sports halls and leisure centres because they are durable and deliver excellent performance. The biggest difference you need to know is that vinyl is a flooring system consisting of several vinyl layers. Polyurethane, on the other hand, is a coating applied on top of a […]

Sports Flooring For Schools

Sports Flooring For Schools

For schools, we normally recommend a polyurethane or vinyl floor because these floors are cost-effective and low maintenance. The two most important considerations with sports flooring for schools are safety and functionality. The floor has to be non-slip and forgiving, while also providing a sound surface for a wide range of different sports. Vinyl floors […]

What is Sports Hall Flooring Made Of?

What is Sports Hall Flooring Made of

The traditional surface for sports hall flooring is solid timber (usually Maple) with several coats of clear lacquer. This was probably the floor your childhood school sports hall had, and many sports halls today still make use of it. In recent years, a new contender has surfaced in the form of polyurethane. Polyurethane offers outstanding […]

What Are The Different Types of Sports Flooring?

What Are The Different Types of Sports Flooring

Because there are so many different types of sports flooring available, school sports halls, colleges, universities and leisure centres can get a surface for any use case. There really is no limitation for what can be achieved. There are special surfaces for sports like football and hockey, and general surfaces for indoor courts, halls and […]