TVS Sports Surfaces offers the widest range of outdoor sports flooring for multi-use outdoor games areas, outdoor gyms, functional fitness zones and specialised sports. Whether you need something temporary or permanent, we’re here to help.

Our Outdoor Flooring Range

We build outdoor sports floors for every sport you can list. Popular sports include basketball, tennis, ground hockey and running. These require specialised surfaces to reduce risk of injury and provide an optimal user experience.

We also design and install multi-use outdoor sports surfaces. Examples include hard courts that can host most court games, rubber floors for weight training and functional fitness, and artificial grass that can accommodate football and hockey.

If you have a specific sport in mind, we offer outdoor sports flooring that will meet your specification requirements. Otherwise, we can recommend an outdoor sports surface based on what your players want and your budget. We offer outdoor sports flooring for multi-use sports, tennis, basketball, football, hockey, athletics and running and outdoor gyms and functional fitness.

What is the Best Outdoor Sports Surface?

There is no “best” outdoor sports surface, only the right surface for your budget and players. We will correctly size and specify the right outdoor sports surface so that you can provide the best experience and safety for your players.

Outdoor surfaces can also be permanent or temporary. Temporary surfaces include sprung basketball courts and outdoor gym tiles. Permanent surfaces would be anything that’s fixed or bonded with the ground, like a tarmacadam court.

We work with leading sports surfacing brands and we have close links with manufacturers, so we often get better rates than competitors. We pass these savings onto you. Installation by our experts is included with all projects.

Our outdoor sports flooring surfaces are professionally installed by trained workers and your project will be expertly managed from start to finish. Most projects are completed in 2-3 days including old surface removal where applicable.

If you have any questions or would like to talk about your next project, give us a call and our outdoor sports flooring specialists will help. Call +44 (0)1706 260 220.


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Choosing The Right Outdoor Sports Flooring

We offer an unbeatable range of outdoor sports flooring, including multi-use games surfaces and specialised surfaces for amateur and semi-professional use. The right flooring for your use case depends on your budgetary and performance requirements. We offer free advice and can recommend several options after a chat.

Here are some outdoor sports flooring recommendations:

Tennis: Outdoor tennis courts should be made from porous acrylic. The elasticity of the playing surface can be modified with different mid-layers. This allows us to tune how the surface feels to use and the cushioning level to delay fatigue and prevent injury.

Basketball: Outdoor basketball courts should be made from a polymeric EPDM rubber crumb or high-performance asphalt tarmacadam. Both surfaces have their pros and cons. These surfaces are also suitable for netball and badminton.

Hockey: Ground hockey pitches should be made from a low-pile artificial grass with a shock-absorbing underlayer. The pitch should have low permeability. High shock absorption is achieved through the fibre-elastic structure of the grass.

Football: Football pitches should be made from artificial grass. Roll dimensions can be tailored to individual pitch requirements. Our products are available in various depths between 8 and 20mm to ensure your 3G system’s specific needs are catered for.

Athletic tracks: Athletic tracks should be made either from a high-performance EPDM rubber installed on top of a concrete or asphalt base, or a needle-punched synthetic carpet. Both options have their place for professional and recreational use.

Multi-use: Acrylic and EPDM rubber surfaces can be used for a wide range of outdoor sports. MUGA surfaces are also available; these specialised multi-use games area surfaces are ideal for football, tennis, netball and basketball.

Replacing Your Old Outdoor Sports Flooring And Recycling

If you have old outdoor sports flooring that needs ripping up and replacing this is no problem for us. We will remove your old sports flooring and assess the condition of the substrate to determine if any further work is needed.

We can build solid and sprung foundations for your facilities if you need them. This can be included in our service. You may need a new substrate if the existing one is damaged, has moved, or is no longer fit for purpose due to degradation.

These are things you don’t need to worry about because we’ll take care of them for you. We will also recycle your old flooring and dispose of it responsibly.

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