What Is The Safest Type Of School Gym Flooring?

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When it comes to school gym flooring, there are several criteria that need to be met to ensure safety and performance. These include:

  • Slip resistance
  • Hygiene (how easy it is to clean)
  • Subfloor protection
  • Performance (shock absorption)

Your school gym has to provide a safe environment for students to workout in. The most important element of this is the floor because this is the area of your gym where students make contact with most of the time. The right floor will prevent slips and absorb impacts, so that students can enjoy using the gym safely.

Rubber Flooring Is The Way To Go

Much in the same way foam pits are the accepted standard in gymnastics to dismount safely, gyms use shock-absorbing rubber flooring to protect students working out. Rubber flooring offers the following benefits:

  • It absorbs shock to protect the subfloor
  • It absorbs impact to protect the student
  • It’s non-slip
  • It’s easy to clean
  • It can be replaced quickly and cost-effectively

There are two main types of rubber flooring you can use in school gyms:

  1. Rubber tiles – these are the thickest option and are the best choice in areas where weights and machines are used. The main benefits are they can be replaced one tile at a time, and they provide maximum safety.
  2. Rubber matting – rubber matting, also known as roll flooring, is thinner than tiles but covers a larger area more cost-effectively. This flooring is useful for functional fitness zones and pilates and yoga zones.

We typically recommend rubber floor tiles for most applications because they are suitable for board and concrete subfloors. Our service includes design and installation, including the building of a new subfloor where required.

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