Sports Flooring comes in all kinds of specifications, from traditional hardwood flooring for gymnasiums to modern polyurethane flooring for indoor courts. We supply the widest range of flooring on the market at fantastic prices.

The range of sports floors we offer is unbeatable. We work with leading brands to source the latest flooring innovations. We can design sports floors to any specification, regardless of sport, setting and who will be using it. Above all, you will find us knowledgeable, helpful and ready to take on projects no matter the size or scale.

We can design sports floors to any specification. There are four main types of elasticity: point elasticity, mixed elasticity, combined elasticity and area elasticity. Depending on the types of sport your floor will host, you may need a specialised elasticity to suit your sporting, budgetary and performance requirements.

We tailor the elasticity of sports flooring with different membrane layers. Polyurethane (PU) and vinyl floors are available with different elasticities. These are most popular in gymnasiums, sports halls and sports centres.

We work with leisure centres, gyms, schools and other institutions to design and install the best sports flooring for any application. You may need a specialised surface for indoor hockey or a multi-use surface for a sports hall. We can recommend the right sports flooring for your use case and install it to your schedule.

We provide a complete sports flooring solution. Not only will we design and install your new floor, but we will also remove the old one and perform additional work required, such as boarding or repairing a cracked subfloor. We have the experience and knowledge to solve a variety of problems with regards to installation. The sports floors we supply typically fall into the categories of vinyl, polyurethane or hardwood. The best surface for you depends on the sports that will be played. We’re happy to provide free advice, so feel free to get in touch..

Why TVS?

We have over a decade’s experience with sports flooring. Our experience and knowledge enables us to design sports floors that are not only fit for purpose, but enjoyable and safe to play on at the highest possible intensity. We are a busy business and have hundreds of happy customers. Our leading market position also gives us first dibs on new surfaces.

When you choose TVs, you choose quality. We prioritise customer experience and intend to provide a seamless flooring solution. No matter the size or complexity of your requirements, we will get the job done in a reliable and efficient way. Your satisfaction is our priority. This commitment to customer care goes beyond initial sales, stretching into aftercare when you need us.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and provide a free quote. We are completely operational during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you.


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TVS Sports Surfaces is committed to supporting the continued increase in sporting and physical activity of all athletes, across all ages and abilities. We can help your project with advice, specifications, full installations or refurbishment of facilities, tailored to your individual sporting requirements.

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What Are The Different Types of Sports Flooring?

There are so many different types of sports flooring available, school sports halls, colleges, universities and leisure centres can get a surface for any use case. There really is no limitation for what can be achieved. There are special surfaces for sports like football and hockey, and general surfaces for indoor courts, halls and functional fitness areas.
With the right type of sport flooring you’ll have more than just an amazing looking facility – it will also provide your players with the best playing experience possible!
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TVS Sports Flooring is a trusted supplier to schools, colleges, hotels, sports centres, gyms, businesses and homeowners. We provide a complete design and installation service, taking care of everything from subfloor construction to recycling.

We have several strategic advantages over competitors. The first is our close relationship with leading sports flooring brands. This has been developed over more than a decade. We can get lower prices than most and we have access to the latest products. This translates to the best choice and prices on the market.

Another advantage to our service is customer experience. To say we go out of our way to help our customers is an understatement. We provide free expert advice, offer solutions, and promise to look after you if something goes wrong. You can think of us as a long-term partner who will take care of all your sports flooring needs.

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