Acoustic Sports Impact Panel is an impact resistant Class A acoustic absorber for usage in sports halls, five-a-side pitches, gyms and event centres. TVS ABSorb Sport Panels have undergone extensive impact testing to ensure their suitability for use within sports halls. As one of the only acoustic panels to be impact resistant to DIN 18032-3, their versatility allows them to be installed at low levels in areas where traditional acoustic panels would be susceptible to knocks and damage. Available in a variety of colours that can brighten and add interest to any space.

Sports halls are reverberant because they have a lot of open space. This allows sound to travel. A large amount of sound absorbing material needs to be used to control acoustics in large open spaces, including on the walls and ceilings. We are a leading supplier of acoustic systems for sports halls. We provide acoustic solutions that drastically reduce sound echo and reverberation. We can also insulate your sports hall to reduce disruption to other building blocks and classrooms.

Acoustic Sports Impact Panels

Acoustic sports impact panels can be smooth or perforated. They are typically made from MDF boards or acrylic, and they can be finished in a wide range of colours and effects, including brick and wood. They are an effective way to improve acoustics in large spaces like sports halls because they reduce reverberation.

When acoustic panels are installed on walls, noise hits the panels, but it is unable to reflect off the surface. Because the panels are raised off the wall, this dimensional aspect also plays a role in improving sports hall acoustics.

Ceiling Panels

Acoustic panels can also be used on ceilings. This is an important step if you have a high ceiling. These panels muffle noise on impact so it cannot bounce around. Sports halls that use ceiling panels have higher quality acoustics than those without.

There are a few different types of ceiling panel. Some panels are like banners that hang from the ceiling. Others are fixed to the ceiling. Some sports halls may need to make use of both types. It really depends on how the ceiling has been built. Exposed rafters will probably require acoustic sound panels that hang from them.

Soundproofing a Sports Hall

Of course, sports halls are noisy places, and some noise transfer is expected. However, we can control the amount of audible exterior noise with insulation. This could involve insulating the doors and walls. You will probably be eager to benefit from this if your hall is close to classrooms, to minimise classroom disruption.

Sports hall acoustics can be challenging to get under control, but our experience installing acoustic systems puts us in control of the process. We know what works and we will make sure your sports hall has the best acoustics possible. Get in touch with us for a chat about your project. We take on projects of all sizes, so feel free to get in touch to find out more.

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sports hall flooring st francis school case study
sports hall acoustics
sports hall acoustics


  • Impact resistant to DIN 18032-3
  • Class A acoustic absorber
  • Can be installed at low levels on walls
  • Manufactured to size and shape required
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Specialist mounting kit available
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sports hall acoustics

Case Studies

TVS Sports Surfaces has a proud history of supplying market leading products and has gained a wealth of experience by supporting projects at University of Kent, Newcastle Academy, Broughton High School, Hilbre High School, Bryanston School and many others.

In addition to some of the UK’S biggest gym brands, we also work with businesses, sports centres and hotels. The service we provide is all-inclusive, with design, installation, recycling and aftercare included.

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