Following over a decade’s experience in the sports flooring industry, TVS Sports Flooring boasts partnerships with leading brands like SPORTEC and Robbins, allowing us to provide the widest range of sports hall flooring on the market.

Sports halls are places where memories are made. Perhaps you have a few of your own from your school days. We believe a high-quality playing surface makes all the difference between a great sports hall and an average one. Your sports hall floor must be durable, safe and recyclable when it reaches the end of its life.

Sports hall flooring ordinarily falls into two types: Polyurethane (PU) and Vinyl.

PU is a versatile, high-performance surface for multiple sports including basketball, five-a-side and indoor hockey.

Vinyl can be tailored to suit any indoor environment with all point and mixed elastic performance. It can also be installed over a sprung floor.

Timber is another option. Timber floors offer a classical appearance. They are often the preferred choice in sports halls where basketball is the main sport. Timber floors are made from hardwood or modified and engineered timber.

If you are unsure what type of sports hall flooring is best for you ask our experts. We’re here to help you choose the right floor for your sports hall. We are one of the few companies who provide polyurethane, vinyl and timber sports hall flooring.

You may already know what you want, but we can provide free advice and case studies to give you an idea of what is achievable. We typically recommend either hardwood, polyurethane or vinyl for sports halls.

The benefit of PU is it can be finished in any colour. Vinyl offers different elasticities for different playing characteristics. Hardwood is the classic choice.

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  • We are a leading supplier of the best floor brands
  • We offer PU, vinyl and hardwood flooring
  • PU and vinyl floors available in any colour
  • Complete flooring systems, including underlay
  • Various elasticities for different playing characteristics
  • Dozens of happy customers with case studies to show


We have surfaced dozens of sports halls in the last 12 months and we publish case studies of our work so you can see the quality of our workmanship.

We are a well-established and widely recommended company in our industry, and we have partnerships with leading brands. Our market position enables us to source flooring systems for competitive prices, helping to keep our prices competitive. When you choose sports hall flooring from TVS, we handle the entire installation process, including the removal of the old floor and recycling. Installation can be performed during term time or the school holidays.

We welcome the opportunity to offer advice and provide a free quote. Thank you.

Sports Hall Flooring - Polyurethane or Timber
sports hall flooring newcastle academy
sports hall flooring st francis school case study


Rhyddings School (part of the LET Education Trust) – Case Study

TVS Group were brought in to replace the flooring, breathing fresh life into this aged facility.

Based on the age of the schoolchildren, and the sporting requirements identified by the school staff, sports flooring specialists from TVS Group, quickly identified a seamless sports grade polyurethane as the best route forward.

After careful consideration and comprehensive design meetings, a two-tone colour scheme in squirrel grey and sky blue was selected, along with custom graphics to enhance the visual appearance of the floor.

The school wanted to cater for badminton, netball, basketball and volleyball to a good standard, maximising the potential for curriculum delivery, as well as outside lettings for these and other sports.

A new two-tone polyurethane sports flooring system

A two-tone polyurethane sports flooring system caters for the performance and aesthetic requirements of the school.

Design and Installation

At TVS, we provide a complete sports hall flooring solution. We can design your flooring system based on the types of sport you will host and the people who will use it. Our unbeatable range of surfaces ensures we can design sports hall floors for any use case, from schools to arenas that host indoor hockey and basketball.

Our service is all-inclusive with design, supply, installation and recycling included. We can transform any space. Whether your existing floor is concrete, or you have an old floor in place, it makes no difference to us. We will build the best sports hall flooring based on your budget and sporting performance requirements.

school sports flooring

What Is The Best Floor For a Sports Hall?

We recommend Polyurethane and Vinyl flooring. Both of these flooring systems offer incredible performance for both sport and non-sport events. Both surfaces can be used for recreational and competitive play.

Polyurethane is suitable for school sports halls and gym sports halls. It’s available in a wide range of standard colours and custom made colours on request. Vinyl offers all the benefits of polyurethane with additional elasticity customisation. It can be manufactured with all point and mixed elastic performance.

You also can’t go wrong with timber flooring. Timber sports halls last 20 to 30 years and require little maintenance other than buffing. They are the classical choice, although they are also the most expensive option. The best sports hall floor for you depends on the events you will host and your budgetary requirements.

vinyl sports flooring

Case Studies

TVS Sports Surfaces has a proud history of supplying market leading products and has gained a wealth of experience by supporting projects at University of Kent, Newcastle Academy, Broughton High School, Hilbre High School, Bryanston School and many others.

In addition to some of the UK’S biggest gym brands, we also work with businesses, sports centres and hotels. The service we provide is all-inclusive, with design, installation, recycling and aftercare included.

Polyurethane vs vinyl sports flooring

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