Sports Hall Surfacing

TVS offers sports hall surfacing and high performing systems catering to multiple indoor sports and requirements in a confined area, with increased demand of footfall. Indoor sports hall facilities have to cater for multiple sporting requirements in a very confined area, with increased demand and levels of footfall.

As a result, a high performing and importantly a highly durable system is required. TVS offers complete systems for multiple sporting or facility requirements as well as component parts to complement other systems.


  • Applicability: Can be designed to conform to the specific sporting requirements for multiple indoor sports.
  • Player Surface Interaction: Cushioned rubber system, increasing player comfort while delivering a highly grip-resistant play surface.
  • Greater Noise Control: Due to its open porous texture and elastic composition, our elastic layers and rubber surfaces reduce the reverberations and loud echoing noises often associated with indoor sports halls.
  • Low Maintenance: When coupled with RZ Turbo protect sealing system, the rubber surfaces become highly resistant to dirt and are simple to wipe clean.
  • Easy Installation: Preformed uniform roll systems can be tailored to your specific installation requirements with consistency assured across the entire area.

UNI Classic - The Ideal Performance Layer for Indoor Sports Halls

UNI Classic – Comprised of 100% fine granulate EPDM, the high wearing system can take the rigorous requirements of even the most used facility.

The bright uniform colour allows for clear distinct markings to better define your sports courts. This combined with excellent player walking comfort, easy installation and significant noise reduction makes UNI Classic a great choice for any sports hall.


  • Specifically developed for indoor sports areas
  • Excellent walking comfort
  • Good impact and noise attenuation
  • Also suitable for commercial premises and offices

UNI Classic Sandwich - Preventing Injury to Joints in Indoor Sports Facilities

UNI Classic Sandwich – Where required, the UNI Classic Sandwich can be combined with a high performing preformed elastic layer.

This increases player comfort and safety, a perfect choice for school facilities where safety is paramount.


  • Prevents damage to joints and other injuries
  • Recommended for indoor sports facilities in schools
  • Recommended for leisure centres and multi-purpose buildings

Polyurethane Point Elastic System

Where a seamless, self-leveling surface is required, or preferred, TVS have a full range of Point Elastic systems specifically designed to form a high performing sports floor system to suit a wide range of sports.


  • Seamless sports floor finish
  • High level of grip resistance
  • Excellent wear properties
  • Low maintenance requirements, daily, periodic and long term
  • Easy to resurface when needed
  • Optimal ball bounce characteristics
  • EN14904 and DIN 18032-2 Certified
  • Wide range of standard colours available, custom colours available on request
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