TVS offers sports hall surfacing and high performing systems catering to multiple indoor sports and requirements in a confined area, with increased demand of footfall. Indoor sports hall facilities have to cater for multiple sporting requirements in a very confined area, with increased demand and levels of footfall. As a result, a high performing and importantly a highly durable system is required.

TVS offers complete systems for multiple sporting or facility requirements as well as component parts to complement other systems.

Sports Hall Surfacing Options

If you want sports hall surfacing that will stand up to sports and other activities like assemblies, parents evenings and tests, we recommend polyurethane (PU). This relatively new surfacing material is a significant upgrade over vinyl with better durability and play feel. It is also significantly cheaper than timber.

Polyurethane sports hall surfacing is designed to last 15-20 years with intensive use and it is easier and cheaper to replace than hardwood. It can also be marked up to create court and game lines which can be changed relatively easily.

People love playing on polyurethane because it provides outstanding grip with a cushioned rubber system. This absorbs impacts and reduces player fatigue – ideal for sports like basketball and tennis. Also, polyurethane reduces reverberation, helping to keep sports halls quieter. In other words, PU has good acoustic qualities.

Another nice aspect of polyurethane sports hall surfacing is it can be modified to achieve different levels of performance in different areas. For example, we could focus cushioning on the centre of the sports hall with a harder surface on the perimeter. This would support players and spectators better than a single system.

Complete Design And Installation

If you want an all-in-one surfacing solution for your sports hall look no further. We offer design, installation and recycling, including the removal of your old floor. We can also build a new subfloor from concrete or board when needed. Most of our customers come to us looking for a resurfacing solution. Polyurethane can be installed on any sound subfloor, and it may be possible to install it directly over your old floor if it is made from hardwood and structurally sound.

In addition to polyurethane, we also offer vinyl. Vinyl is cheaper than polyurethane and doesn’t last as long. However, it may be a better fit for your budget. Polyurethane is a more specialised surface chosen for its performance characteristics. When you get in touch with us, we’ll take the time to discuss your sports hall and what you want to achieve. The types of sport you intend to host, as well as other types of activity and the level of footfall will determine what surface is best for you.

TVs offers sports hall surfacing solutions for all budgets. We have significant experience installing sports floors for schools, colleges, sports centres and gyms.


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  • Applicability: Can be designed to conform to the specific sporting requirements for multiple indoor sports
  • Player Surface Interaction: Cushioned rubber system, increasing player comfort while delivering a highly grip-resistant play surface.
  • Greater Noise Control: Due to its open porous texture and elastic composition, our elastic layers and rubber surfaces reduce the reverberations and loud echoing noises often associated with indoor sports halls.
  • Low Maintenance: When coupled with RZ Turbo protect sealing system, the rubber surfaces become highly resistant to dirt and are simple to wipe clean.
  • Easy Installation: Preformed uniform roll systems can be tailored to your specific installation requirements with consistency assured across the entire area.
multi use games area surfaces
multi use games area surfaces


Rhyddings School (part of the LET Education Trust) – Case Study

TVS Group were brought in to replace the flooring, breathing fresh life into this aged facility.

Based on the age of the schoolchildren, and the sporting requirements identified by the school staff, sports flooring specialists from TVS Group, quickly identified a seamless sports grade polyurethane as the best route forward.

After careful consideration and comprehensive design meetings, a two-tone colour scheme in squirrel grey and sky blue was selected, along with custom graphics to enhance the visual appearance of the floor.

The school wanted to cater for badminton, netball, basketball and volleyball to a good standard, maximising the potential for curriculum delivery, as well as outside lettings for these and other sports.

A new two-tone polyurethane sports flooring system

A two-tone polyurethane sports flooring system caters for the performance and aesthetic requirements of the school.

The Different Types Of Indoor Sports Hall Flooring

Sports halls need a hard surface for court games and assemblies. The traditional choice is hardwood flooring with a glossy lacquer that can be buffed. If you want a classic look, this is hard to beat and hardwood lasts 20 to 30 years.

Modern alternatives to hardwood include polyurethane and vinyl. These types of indoor sports hall flooring are cheaper but more durable. They need no polishing, just a good clean when your school janitor makes the rounds.

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What Are The Different Types of Sports Flooring

How Is Sports Flooring Installation Carried Out?

Sports floors come in all shapes and sizes, but sports flooring installation is a structured process. Here’s how the process works:

The old floor is removed if applicable. This could be an old hardwood floor, carpet, vinyl or tile. It depends on the previous use case. It may even be an old rubber gym floor. Whatever it is, it’s removed and sent away for recycling.

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sports hall flooring broughton high school

Case Studies

TVS Sports Surfaces has a proud history of supplying market leading products and has gained a wealth of experience by supporting projects at University of Kent, Newcastle Academy, Broughton High School, Hilbre High School, Bryanston School and many others.

In addition to some of the UK’S biggest gym brands, we also work with businesses, sports centres and hotels. The service we provide is all-inclusive, with design, installation, recycling and aftercare included.

Polyurethane vs vinyl sports flooring

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