Robbins Timber Flooring

TVS Group is proud to announce that it is the UK-based partner for Robbins Sports Surfaces. Founded in 1894, Robbins is best known for its work with America’s multi-billion-dollar basketball league, the NBA. The family-owned firm is a preferred supplier to 15 of the NBA’s Arenas and 22 of its training and practice facilities. The difference in quality is evident, with 22 of the last 27 NBA championships being won by teams who play and train on Robbins Floors.

Robbins is one of only a few MFMA-approved, FSC-certified, Rainforest Alliance-certified manufacturers of solid maple floors in America, guaranteeing peace of mind when buying one of our floors. The solid maple floors are also one of the best long term investments in sporting performance; due to their construction and very nature, a Robbins/TVS floor should last for over 40 years with correct maintenance.

Robbins timber flooring is the best choice for professional sports. It is used in the NBA (National Basketball Association) for this reason. Every hardwood panel is perfectly made with flawless finishing and incredible attention to detail. Their hardwood sports flooring systems are designed to optimise the biomechanical interaction between the athlete and floor. They have several product lines available for a wide range of sports and flooring applications.

The range includes MVP® for maximum vibration protection, BIO-CHANNEL®, ECLIPSE™, BIO-CUSHION® CLASSIC, AIR-CHANNEL® STAR, SPORTWOOD® ULTRA STAR, ALL-STAR™ PLUS and DANZAIRE™. These flooring systems have different levels of cushioning to suit different sports, from dancing and basketball to netball.

We are a UK-based partner for Robbins Sports Surfaces. We’re able to supply the complete range of Robbins timber sports floors with design and installation included. Get in touch to find out more and we’ll send you a few more details.

Benefits Of Robbin Sports Timber Flooring

  • 40+year life expectancy
  • FIBA Class 1 competition standard available
  • EN14904 compliant
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Low lifetime costs
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sports timber floors
sports timber floors

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Engineered Timber Sports Flooring

Engineered timber sports flooring is the best choice for gymnasiums, school sports halls, sports centres and fitness centres. It’s significantly cheaper than hardwood but mimics the appearance of hardwood with a hardwood top layer.

Engineered timber is manufactured with a hardwood top, softwood middle and plywood base. It feels the same as hardwood underfoot and it looks nearly identical. This is not the same as laminate which is a different product entirely.

We specialise in specifying, designing, supplying and installing engineered timber sports flooring to any specification. Whether you need sports hall flooring or flooring for a gymnasium, we will make a fit-for-purpose engineered floor that meets your style, budget and performance requirements.

Engineered timber sports floors last around 20 years but they can last much longer if properly cared for. They require only regular cleaning and buffing to remove shoe marks. A high-quality engineered timber sports floor from us will look like new for years to come.

Timber Sports Floors For Any Budget

At TVS Sports, we pride ourselves on offering a solution for every budget. No matter how much you have to spend, we will be able to work something out. We offer a wide range of timber flooring systems with design and installation included.

If you want a quote just get in touch. We’re here to help. Call us on +44 (0)1706 260 220 to speak with one of our timber sports flooring experts today.

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