TVS Sports Vinyl is, as standard, a preformed point elastic system, which can be tailored to suit any indoor environment. By altering the performance and density of the elastic foam underlays, these systems can be made to suit sports halls, fitness studios, classrooms, hallways and any other area required. The ease of installation and high wear resistance mean they are a popular choice in schools, colleges, universities and leisure facilities worldwide.

Specifically for sports halls, the vinyl can be manufactured to attain all point and mixed elastic performance characteristics. The vinyl layer itself can also be installed directly over a sprung floor to create an area or combined elastic surface.

tvs sports surfaces
multi use games area surfaces


  • A preformed wear resistant sports floor solution
  • Offers optimal comfort and safety
  • Suitable for recreational and elite level sports
  • Pre-laminated – installation times vastly reduced
  • Available in a wide range of colours
sports vinyl floors
sports vinyl floors
sports vinyl floors