TVS Sports Surfaces is a leading supplier of Tennis specific sports flooring systems. Our systems are developed to meet the highest sporting requirements, whether that be indoor or outdoor, in all possible climates.

We can supply materials to suit any specific requirements you may have, with a wide variety of finishes and play characteristics you can be assured that we have a system for you.

With ITF pace ratings ranging from 1-4, customizable elastic shock absorbing qualities, and a wide variety of colours, please contact our sales department to start creating your perfect custom tennis facility.

Tennis surfacing needs to provide a high level of cushioning so that players can safely transition between moves and play at speed. A surface that is too hard makes performing jab, pivot, and gravity steps difficult and in cases painful.

Our range of tennis surfacing solutions includes variable cushion materials. These have customisable elastic properties where we can adjust the feel of the court underfoot and how the ball performs on the surface.

These materials can be combined with ITF-certified pace ratings 2-4 to create a high-performance court.

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  • ITF-certified to pace ratings 2-4
  • Variable cushion materials and thicknesses
  • Water-based
  • Optimised force reduction
  • Long lasting with excellent durability
  • Excellent slip resistance when wet and dry
  • Fast installation
tennis surfacing
tennis surfacing
tennis surfacing

Tennis Surfacing Materials

Whether you are building recreational tennis courts or semi-pro practice courts, we offer the ideal surface with our range of products. Modern acrylic tennis courts offer superior performance to older asphalt courts and last significantly longer. The correct acrylic for outdoor use is porous acrylic, which allows water to penetrate the material and drain through it. For indoor use, you want non-porous acrylic, which is easier to maintain for indoor use.

Acrylic courts are made from specially formulated layers that deliver specific performance characteristics. It is here where we can adjust the cushioning of the court with different elasticities. The cushioning layer is installed beneath the top layer. This extra layer helps to mitigate fatigue and prevent injuries in players. The layers in an acrylic court include the acrylic topcoat, wear layer, cushion layer, primer and finally the substrate which will be asphalt/concrete. The substate needs to be built to a high standard to ensure the court lasts a long time.

Aesthetics And Design

Tennis surfacing is available in a wide range of colours. The most popular colours are blue and green because they provide excellent visibility. Red is also popular. Most pro courts nowadays are blue because tests have shown this to be the best colour overall. Blue is popular on recreational, amateur and pro courts. Dark colours tend to work best because they contrast with tennis balls.

Lines are always white, and they have exactly the same grip as the rest of the court. It’s good practice to have a run-off on the court, so that players have somewhere to go during sprints, although this isn’t always possible due to space limitations. We have significant experience surfacing tennis courts of all sizes in multiple colours and styles. Our tennis surfacing products are optimised for force reduction and offer unbeatable slip resistance when wet. Get in touch for a chat.

tennis sports surfaces
tennis court surface

Case Study Hilbre High School

After a number of years without maintenance or refurbishment, the tennis and netball courts at Hilbre High school in West Kirby had fallen into a state of disrepair.

The surface was clogged with mud, vegetation and loose chippings and the remnants of older line markings crisscrossing the courts were confusing and hard for players to distinguish. Even newer thermoplastic markings were in a cracked and failing state in places making the surface difficult to play on.

TVS prepared the surface with specialist chemicals to loosen debris and kill off moss and algae so it could be fully pressure cleaned to ensure a stable base from which to start repairs.

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