What Are Artificial Football Fields?

artificial football fields

Artificial football fields are composed of 90 to 95% natural turf and 10 to 5% synthetic fibres. The synthetic fibres can be either distributed evenly across the field or strategically placed in areas of high wear like the 6 yard box.

Although artificial football fields reduce pitch wear and extend the life of the field, they are a relatively unknown innovation.

Artificial football pitches have only become a mainstream product over the last ten years which is far less than artificial grass pitches. Artificial grass completely replaces natural turf whereas an artificial field uses natural and synthetic turf.

Playing on an artificial football field is exactly the same as playing on a natural field and there are two main kinds of application:

Even distribution

Artificial football fields with consistent placement of the artificial (synthetic) fibres offer consistent performance and wear across the pitch. This is the preferred option. Areas with higher wear can also have more synthetic fibres.

Strategic distribution

Artificial football fields with strategic placement of the artificial (synthetic) fibres offer improved wear in areas of high wear and natural wear elsewhere. For example, the middle of the pitch will be natural, and the 6 yard box will be partly synthetic.

Artificial grass pitches

Artificial grass pitches are composed of 100% artificial turf. The pile height is typically 25mm to 35mm. These pitches offer the highest wear resistance, however they play differently to a natural pitch and limit the use of slide tackles due to turf burn.

If you have a natural pitch that experiences a lot of wear, an artificial football field will offer much longer playing hours with reduced wear. This will be useful for hosting tournaments and football championships. Schools are also good candidates for artificial football fields, and we are seeing an increase in schools adopting them.

Is an artificial football field right for you?

Artificial football fields are less common than artificial grass pitches however they retain the natural playability of grass with increased wear resistance.

An artificial football field will be right for you if your football pitch gets a lot of wear. For free advice and to discuss your football pitch surfacing project, call us on +44 1706 260 220 or email us at sales@tvs-sportssurfaces.com. Thank you.