What is Sports Hall Flooring Made Of?

What is Sports Hall Flooring Made of

The traditional surface for sports hall flooring is solid timber (usually Maple) with several coats of clear lacquer. This was probably the floor your childhood school sports hall had, and many sports halls today still make use of it.

In recent years, a new contender has surfaced in the form of polyurethane. Polyurethane offers outstanding longevity and is more cost-effective than hardwood so it could be a better choice.

Which is right for you? Let’s take a look.

Timber flooring

Timber is extremely long-lasting and beautiful to look at. It is the purist’s choice, offering unbeatable quality and prestige.

While there are hundreds of manufacturers of timber flooring for sports halls, Robbins Sports Surfaces is the most famous modern manufacturer. 15 of the NBA’s Arenas and 22 of its training and practice facilities use Robbins timber flooring.

Robbins flooring is FSC-certified and Rainforest Alliance-certified, so it is 100% sustainable and eco-friendly. For sports halls that need to double up as a hard court, timber is by far the most desirable playing surface available today.

Polyurethane flooring

Polyurethane is considerably cheaper than timber sports hall flooring and it also can be laid over existing floors in many cases.

The beauty of polyurethane is it offers the same performance as wood but also a more adjustable performance, with different densities available. Sports halls need a hard floor, so you ideally want a rigid polyurethane (high density).

Whether your sports hall will be used for sports, games, assemblies, exhibitions, exams or storage, you can count on a polyurethane floor to do the job. It is low maintenance and easy to resurface in the future when necessary.

Which is right for my sports hall?

Polyurethane will satisfy the majority of people who want a hard playing surface with optimal ball bounce. Timber is a more premium product, but whether or not the extra cost is worth it depends on you.

For school halls and leisure centres, polyurethane flooring will be a great choice. For dedicated basketball and hard courts, timber flooring is the preferred option with players. If you are unsure which to choose, we can provide photos of our recent projects to show you your options. You can also find case studies of our recent work here.