What School Sports Flooring Do I Need?

school sports flooring

Schools often approach us not knowing what type of school sports flooring they need. Our answer is always the same — it depends on what sports will be played. The use case always determines the best sports surface for schools.

Here are some school sports hall flooring recommendations based on potential use cases:

Sports halls

Sports halls need a hard surface that will provide a good playing surface for court games like basketball, netball, indoor hockey and badminton.

The traditional flooring for sports halls is hardwood and the modern alternative is PU (polyurethane). Both are good choices. Hardwood is more expensive, but that’s the price you pay for the classical appearance. Polyurethane is more durable and less expensive but may not be to your taste. It’s your choice.

Basketball courts

For dedicated basketball courts, we recommend Robbins timber floors which are used by The National Basketball Association in America.

Robbins timber floors are the best-quality hardwood sports floors in the world. They are exceptionally durable and last a very long time. The lacquer is formulated to withstand the twists and moves made in basketball. It’s also durable enough for indoor hockey and similar games like dodgeball and indoor badminton.

Running tracks

While you can use a hard surface like PU or timber for indoor running tracks, a safer alternative is vinyl. Vinyl can be made with different elastic properties to provide safety from falls and cushioning underfoot.

You might also like to consider a dedicated sprint track. These are made from artificial turf with a low pile height (typically 10mm or 13mm). Schools that want to compete at a higher level will want to invest in a dedicated sprint surface.

School gyms

If you have a school gym the best sports flooring is interlocking rubber tiles. These are extremely grippy and will protect the subfloor from dropped weights. These tiles also stop weights from bouncing around to protect students.

Interlocking tiles are also a good choice because they can be easily replaced. If one tile is damaged you only need to replace one tile. Also, rubber tiles are easy to clean and the tiles we use (made by SPORTEC) are made from 90% recycled rubber.

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